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Think of these ideas as NON MOD ideas but map ideas to bring the gameplay to a different level. Teamplay would remain and so would the skins of the ww2 ara and so will the weapons. These operation maps would use the Search and destroy engine. I find SD and the maps that support it are ok to play but team play is missing when you have to rush around and plant a bomb. Operations maps would bring a new face to and old setting called search and destroy. Operations would include practical maps with 2-4 entry points for the axis and allies. They would meet at these points to do battle. These maps would have specific tartgets. Some operation map ideas would be: Operation:Class-out Goal: To destroy documents in the design of germany's first atomic bomb and delivery technology to deliver it. Operation:Breakout Goal: To infultrate a german POW camp and take out enemy positions and free POWS by blowing the protection grid holding the pows. Operation: Mindshaft Goal: To access a main resupply tunnel by the axis by passing a bridge under heavy fire. Alternate routes would be land around the valley. Once you have gone through resistance you must destroy 1 of 2 mind shaft points to prevent resupply trucks from resupplying the german front. Operation: Chemical wareware Goal: To destroy chemical warefare agents and equipment to produce it. Operation: De-rail Goal: To destroy rail track between a mountianpass to prevent trains from reaching the german front. Idea is to cripple tansportation lines to make it hard for the germans to resupply the front. Opertation: Demolition bridge Goal: To reach the middle of a main bridge to destroy it to prevent the axis from supplying tanks to the front. So guys time to go to work designing. LOL Anyway id though id add some ideas to bring search and destroy to the for-front for call of duty. I will try to use my map skills to design these maps but its going to take sometime. I want to use texture ideas like american army maps and stragitic ideas like counterstrike maps. I want to get away from open spaced out maps and make it more personal and direct. The idea of operation maps is to take about 30 sec to get into battle and no more than 5 min to plant and destroy targets. Anything longer than that is too long in my books. Action is the name of the game. I would love to see how the call of duty community reacts to these ideas. Reply and add your input. All ideas might make a a great idea even better. I do not believe in modding this game and its weapons. Its a great game and the weapons are great and the design. I want to work with the game to make great maps. The only mod I think was good was Heat of battle. (but as some know its still based on the SD system for targets and objectives):naughty: by the way if anyone wants to start a team on this to make these maps releases quicker email me at [email="xga4star@mountaincable.net"]xga4star@mountaincable.net[/email] I have some map skill and have designed a SD map. Its called mp_buchberg_forest and is featured on this site as well as some others. So im sure I can swing designing these things but it would take about 6 months to do all these ideas with taste.