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30th September 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Honestly, I think we've all had quite enough of the modern scene. Yes we can all see that america is way better equiped, better trained, and higher in numbers than any terrorist force out there. I learned that in DC, then in CIS, then again in Revolt. I think we should push the modding-field in a brand new direction, like a western, or post-apocolyptic era mod. In fact I have an idea of a mod where no one has to fight. Everybody just hangs out and chills. I'm also an Incredible Band-Geek so I've always wanted a Marching band Mod. Or heck you could even figure sports like football in. Yes a non-combat Highschool mod. And even if that doesn't work, you could have a sort of "Red Dawn" setting. Anyways, I have a few models in order, But since I am an extreme Noob, I have no Idea how to skin or code them, so... I'm looking for a Crack-mod team for work on a Fallout/Post-apoc., Western, Non-combat or "Red Dawn" type mod. For Info or examples of my work, please reply w/ Email and I will send you files.