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#1 14 years ago

I discovered today that single player missions from the first call of duty can be loaded and played in the call of duty united offensive game. by bringing down the console in the united offensive game menu and typing map dam will let you play the dam mission from the first call of duty. you also get to play with the united offensive sten gun model which looks a lot better. i'm trying to do a mod which will automatically load up the british, russian and american campaigns from the first call of duty along with the united offensive british, american and russian campaigns in united offensive. it would be nice to be able to play all the campaigns from both games of each country together in one game. i tried to find the map rotation file or some kind of script in the main uo that i could mod to allow me to do this. but i had no luck. i know this is possible. some help on this would be appreciated i promise to post this mod to cod files if i get it working and credit will be given to anyone who helps me achieve this goal or if you can help me at all in anyway i would be grateful