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30th October 2005

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#1 15 years ago

hi, im new to skinning and i am experiencing some problems that i hope you guys can help me fix. to test the skinning process, i tried to change the skin of the demo version of cod2. I simply painted green camoflage on the german toujane soldier helmet. But when i open the dds file in photoshop, it asks me if i want to display the mip maps of the image, i press yes... is this normal? Then when i open the image it seems that all the different parts of the soldier are placed above each other, like the face lays underneath the the torso... is this normal?? and for last, after saving my new iwi. file into the main directory as described into tutorial. I go and play the demo to see if it worked, and there when you stand close to the german soldier, you can see his helmet has the new skin, but as you move away from him he turns completely black, exept for his face and hands!?! this is NOT normal i think... :confused: Does someone know what ive done wrong?? tx