Rearanging / adding levels to make an SP campaign -1 reply

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29th September 2004

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#1 16 years ago

This thread is neither specifically about mapping or modding so I put it in both.

Does anyone know how to rearange the campaign so that different levels load in the single-player campaign? Example, the first level of the campaign is a new custom map, then you do brecourt, then pathfinder, etc.

I appreciate it.


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21st October 2004

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#2 16 years ago

For each individual map you need to edit the GSCs which are in (UO) Pakuo00.pk3>Maps (CoD) Pak??.pk3>Maps Look for this line in the map GSCs(Use the Find option in NotePad):

missionSuccess ("mapname", true);

Change the mapname to the map that will load when you complete the map campaign. So if your playing your custom SP map and than want to move on to Brecourt, in your custommap.GSC you'll edit the mission function to look like:

missionSuccess ("brecourt", true);

Than for Brecourt, you said you want to play pathfinder, so go into the Brecourt.GSC and edit the mission function to look like:

missionSuccess ("pathfinder", true);

PS MAKE SURE YOU USE THE CORRECT MAPNAMES, You can get them off .BSPs! :smokin: You can intertwine different nation maps, like a USA one,than British, than two Russian ones,etc...