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Medik Smokey


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13th October 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Hey there!

My name's Medik Smokey, and I'm looking for a mod to work for. I make sounds, may it be weapons, ambience, ricochets, impacts, etc. I've been doin this ever since I played MoHAA, which was like 3 years ago. I've also made soundsfor BF1942, Iron Storm, Operation Flashpoint and of course, CoD.

Well, I know beggers cant be choosers, but I would like to join a mod that has some historical sense to it.

If any of ya'll wanna hear some of my sounds, just shoot me a IM on AIM and I'll send it right to ya!

My e-mail's [email][/email] and my AIM screen name is AnyAmerikan

I hope to hear fromy a soon!

-Medik Smokey