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9th December 2004

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#1 14 years ago

I'm working on a massive moddification of the Single Player gameplay. Does anyone know how to properly add weapons to single player. (I mean add not replace.) I've got some experience with scripting but haven't been able to add HOB's G43 to single player (I was going to have Wehrmacht infantry use them instead of MP44s) I'd also like to be able to add the Greasegun to the single player game without replacing the Thompson. I tried it several times and eventually managed to add it but there were major bugs, does anyone know how to do it properly? I've been able to do some cool changes to the way the ai suffers under fire. Wounded foes really seem to suffer. One shot in the gut, chest, or legs will knock the enemy to the ground or at least force them to fall to their knees. It takes them awhile to stand up if they try to or are capable of standing. I also made it so that if you shoot the lower arms, hands, or gun the ai will drop the weapon and draw a pistol (If I didn't give them a pistol they'd try to run around without a gun and look stupid). Does anyone have a 3d model of the MG34, I've managed to make it so that sometimes 34s are in the game but don't have a model (MG42's that are only usable from the crouched position are now MG34s, 42s are rare but still really deadly.) I made it so that on greenhorn you can take about four bullets from a MP or pistol without dieing. Still I'm planing to add some more features. (Slightly wounded no effect. Badly wounded you can only travel in a crouch. Severely wounded you can only crawl. Also I'm planing on making it so you drop your weapon if badly wounded.) I've modified the grenades so that their more close to realistic and gave each grenade three types of throws. I haven't figured out how to make them cookable yet, but I will :D. I've also made the way the sights work more realistic (And more difficult to use). Very lightweight or weapons without a stock are difficult to control (and act accordingly.) It's made the game really difficult even on greenhorn, and the AI is actually a challenge in the game :cool:. Back to my original question though, does anyone know how to add weapons to Single Player.


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11th December 2004

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#2 14 years ago

yep! give me your email adress and ill send you a tutorial on how to add new guns. i remember while back making an SP mod just like you. i added some UO guns such as the .30 cal and a G43.

anyway, ive got a question for you! how did you make three different types of throws for the grenade? its easy to set them cookable: find the grenade weapon file that you want. open it in notepad. press ctrl+f and find the "cookoffhold" line and set it to "1". whatever nade file you just edited will be cookable now. anyway good luck with ya mod. its good to see someone still modding SP.