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3rd April 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Hi guys, I've taken a few trips around and a few other places and have found some alright mods out there, but my clan WotG is all about realism and tactical game play, the real deal. Survival. Either way, to achieve this, I've jumped right in and started modding on CoD to for now fill the void we have until our custom game engine is far enough along to support what we ultimately want.

Enough of the boring intro. The reason I'm posting this is to find out if anyone is interested in this sort of thing, be willing to help either with code or ideas, and possible join the clan if you're really interested in the ultimate realism thing.

Now I'm not talking about a realism mod that just modifies the guns spread/power/clip size all that. No I'm talking about more sophisticated things like my bleeding script. When you are shot, it is taken into consideration, where you were shot, with what size bullet, fired from what gun, in accordance with how many other times you have been shot and all of the data from each bullet about size and gun and all that, and realistically bleeds your health until you either die, or until it has been decided you cant bleed anymore for a specific wound, you aren't going to bleed to death after being shot in the hand. Along with things like shock. Haziness, or whatnot upon recieving hits, blackout periods, immobilized shock from blood loss. breakable bones, screams and sounds of pain.

Some things like screams and whatnot are sound additions, but I'm mostly interested in the coding part. This isn't one of those, "you guys should do this" posts, I'm doing it all right now, just looking to see if anyone's interested in helping out a little, or maybe even some ideas.

I'll check back for replies, or you can also email me at [email][/email]

thanks for the time it took to read my post guys.



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21st March 2004

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#2 14 years ago

wow that is one hell of a good idea! oh yeah sry that i didnt email or join your server yet i was on holiday:) about the clan... one of my suggestions is on it is its called the (VS-UK) mod or something its with classes like engineer medic and soldiers! im not sure about the bleeding but i think it's in there.. also there are some screams of pain.