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6th July 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello! This is an mod which is already existing for awhile; and we are still searching for new members! This is the "storyline": You are an 82nd Airborne Paratrooper which is misdropped in Normandy, all away from all of your men from the plane. You have to search for other people; etc.etc. All new sounds (most are REAL), (download preview soundmod here: www,freewebs,com/uhjurre/uh_preview_sounds.zip CHANGE THE COMMA'S FOR DOTS (.)!!! These are our forums: unleashed-hell,fragwhore.com/gl-bin/forum/index,php AGAIN CHANGE THE COMMA'S FOR DOTS. At our forums there are also screenshots etc. to find. We are searching for MODELERS, SOUND MODDERS, SKINNERS, MAPPERS (SP experience very welcome) AND ANY OTHER JOB YOU WANT TO DO.