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28th February 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello I am with the war for independence mod. Its basically a mod that is based around the era of the revolutionary war. We are looking for skinners, modelers, and coders. Visit our site for more info www.freewebs.com/warforindependence Thanx!! Post some replies if u are intereseted!!


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2nd May 2003

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#2 16 years ago

Sounds interessting, I'd join, but my modeling program is crap and I need to pay for it, until I pay for it, I can't play with the model in game.

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22nd January 2004

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#3 16 years ago

IM a newbie in modeeling but im a mapper (a busyyyy mapper) but all i can do for you is make prefabs if its goo enough until i get done with my other maps(forother mods):)