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7th April 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Attention!! Attention!! We are looking for modders and mappers out there to help with this new Call of Duty United Offensive MP Mod. Based on the Band of Brothers series. We need mappers for these maps perhaps or that can make them. Training Map-Curahee (Might not do) New Brecourt Map Based on Band of Brothers(including climbable tree)-mapper needed perhaps a new Carentan Map based on BoB-mapper needed new Outskirts of Carentan Map-mapper needed Neuville map-mapper needed Crossroads Map- Slicer Bastogne map-mapper needed Attack on Foy-mapper needed Rhine maybe POW Camp(might not be made) Hitler's eagle nest (might not be made) THE LEADER OF THIS PRODUCTION IS RANDY FROM CODFILES! HE HAS MADE THE BOB SOUND PACKS THAT A LOT OF YOU HAVE GOT! NOW HE'S WORKING ON A TOTAL CONVERSION MP MOD FOR UO! EZEKIEL IS ALSO IN CHARGE OF THIS PRODUCTION! CONTACT IF YOU CAN MAP OR MOD !!!AND GIVE THEM SOME PROOF!!! [email="ezekielvictor@ezekielvictor.com?subject=Help%20WSA"]ezekielvictor@ezekielvictor.com[/email]