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#1 11 years ago

Hey all, My name is JohnFRemco I'Am the clan leader for -{JFDHS}- , witch stands for John F DutchHomeServers clan. I'Am looking for someone that has the skill to make a set of new (modern) weapons + skins for Call of Duty (vCoD) and Call of Duty UO (CoD:UO) for a new version of AWE ! As you all know Bell the orginal creator of the last AWE 2.12 hasen't made any new version or updated it. For this reason i would like to give it a shot. I'Am pretty good at scripting, but i just suck at makeing new (modern) weapons + skins. Some more info about the weapons i look for that will be only available in vCoD: Weapon name - [COLOR=black]File name[/COLOR] - Team - Type Binocilers - binoculars_mp - Amirican - Binocilers Gewehr 43 - g43_mp - German - Semi-Automatisch Rifle M3 - greasegun_mp - American - Submachine Gun PPSh-41 - pps42_mp - Russin - Submachine Gun M1897 Trenchgun - shotgun_mp - American - Shotgun SVT-40 - svt40_mp - Russian - Semi-Automatisch Rifle TT-30 - tt30_mp - Rusian - Pistol Webley .455 - webley_mp - British - Pistol NR-40 - nr40_mp - Russian - Knife Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife - fsfk_mp - British - Knife Mark I Trench Knife or M1905 Bayonet - m1tk_mp or m1905_mp - American -Knife You are problely thinking what will i get out of this ? This can be discused. If your interested in helping me than contact me on my xfire or email. Cya. JohnFRemco www.clanjfdhs.nl xfire: johnfremco email: remcotamerus[at]clanjfdhs[dot]nl