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#1 13 years ago

I admit to knowing absolutely nothing about modding CoD, and as far as I can tell theres a complete lack of tools and tutorials. So, I've got a less ambitious request. Could anyone just tell me briefly (or in depth if you have the time/knowledge) of CoD:UO's limitations in modding, if its as open ended as other Q3 based games or well... closed ended.

Also what are some basic things I can start off with. (And I don't mean skinning/mapping) I've got some coding experience so I'm not scared away by reading hundreds of lines of example code if its available.

Thanks ahead of time.


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#2 13 years ago

If you think there is a complete lack of tools and tutorials, then you couldnt have looked very hard.

try modsonline for tutorials. Also, visit IWNation and read back through the threads for UO scripting and mapping. Same for COD scripting and mapping.

As for moddabilty, its very good for it. Its not exactly easy, but it has a whole wealth of potential. Just look at some of the awesome mods made for it: SWAT, Revolt, Merciless, German Front Mod.

Starting off really requires experience. I started small. Little mods here and there. then, as I gained the experience, I up-graded to bigger and bigger things.


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#3 13 years ago

Ah thanks, exactly what I needed. I saw sites like IWNation but I didn't look deep into the site (Such as reading their forums...). I know of tools that are made to edit pk3 files and such (pakscape), but nothing that was made specifically for CoD.