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20th May 2006

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#1 12 years ago

With my list of weapons and skins mod requests, I would like to ask for one more. A Splinter Cell mod. One that lets you use the weapons and has skins and maps. Here is what I need:

Weapons ---------------------------------------------- 1. SC Pistol with laser sight. There is a good picture of this on Google Images. Just type in SC Pistol and go to the second or third page and you will find this.

2. SC-20K Rifle with multipurpose launcher. In the launcher: 2a. Gas Grenade 2b. Sticky Shocker 2c. Ring Airfoil Round

3. AK-74

4. UZI

5. AKS-74u The pocket sized AK which I like to call a "pocket AK" for obvious reasons.

6. AK-47

7. Silenced Beretta pistol

8. PPK pistol

9. MP-5 Submachine gun

10. Knife

Skins --------------------------------------------- 1. Sam Fisher/ Splinter Cell (Both outfits the white and gray one and the black one.

2. Chinese commander

3. Chinese soldier

4. Russian Mercenaery

5. Vyasheslav Grinko

6. CIA Security officer

7. CIA employee

8. Georgian Police Officer

9. Georgian Elite Soldier

10. Kombayn Nikoladze

11. Chinese colonel

12. Russian colonel

Maps -------------------------------------------

1. Police Station


3. Kalinatek

4. Nuclear Power Plant

5. Abattoir

If the maps are impossible to do, at least do the weapons. The skins and guns shouldn't be too hard, especially for you expert modders.


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#2 12 years ago

good luck, i doubt anybody would take the time to make that for you.:0wned:


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3rd November 2005

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#3 12 years ago

That would take way too long, heck at the pace were going it'd probably be done by the time CoD 6 came out LOL! But seriously if you want to play modern, just get a steam account and buy Counter Strike: Source :)