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#1 16 years ago

This is mainly for those who keep getting the CD/DVD Emulation Software has been detected

error message.

Question When I launch the game I get the error "CD/DVD Emulation Software has been detected."trnsp.gif Answer

If you have the CD burning software Alcohol 120% installed you need to turn off all of the emulation options. 1) Go to File > Options. 2) Click on Emulation in the menu to the left. 3) Uncheck all options in the window to the right.

If you have CloneCD you need to turn off the Hide CDR media setting. This setting is accessable from the task tray icon for clone CD. Right-click on the icon and uncheck Hide CDR media. If it is not accessable or greyed out you need to do the following:

1. If the CloneCD Tray icon is running, right-click on it in the system tray and select Exit to close it down. 2. Go into Windows Control Panel, then open Regional and Language Options. 3. Change your Language setting from "English (United States)" to some other English country like "English (United Kingdom)" or "English (Canada)". Click, OK to save the language setting change. Note: you must change the Language, NOT the "Location" setting. The "Location" setting has no effect on this issue. 4. Now start the CloneCD Tray icon back up from the CloneCD start menu program group. 5. Right-click on the CloneCD icon in the system tray and you'll notice the "Hide CDR Media" option is no longer grayed out and has a checkmark next to it. 6. Select the "Hide CDR Media" option to remove the checkmark and disable the option. 7. Close the CloneCD Tray icon again (right-click and select Exit). 8. Go back into Regional and Language Options in Control Panel and set the language option back to "English (United States)", then click OK to save the language settings.

Hold down the left shift key when inserting the game disc.

Make sure you have 32 bit drivers for your CD-ROM drive. . . . . . . If you have disabled the options within your cd emulation software, and it is still causing a conflict. You may want to contact the software manufacturer. They may know which settings need to be disabled. If you do not wish to contact the manufacturer and you can't figure out which settings to turn off you should uninstall the software and attempt to reinstall without the cd emulation portion of the program.