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#1 13 years ago

I am trying to put in a new weapon, and sounds for it, But when i put it in, The sounds do not play, what do i do?

Call of duty United Offensive

2.8GHz 1024MB RAM 128MB video memory 64MB audio memory Intel Graphics card(Unimportant for sound>Cheap card<) I dont know my sound card.. how do i find out?

The other weapon's sounds work...

And when i import the sound to a different game it works perfectly... i dunno what to do... Pls Help



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#2 13 years ago

new weapons, new sounds, need to have the information entered into the csv file.

This will actually be in the COD 'main' folder, in pak1.pk3\soundalias\iw_sound.csv

Open it up with either Wordpad or Excel (if you have MS Office), and find the groupings for the weapons. They will actually be under 'SP' - in the group:

#Player Weapon Fire SP,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Just copy a line of existing info, for example:


And change the 'weap_bren_fire' to the name of the new weapon. Then, direct it to the new folder.

So, for example, suppose you have a new weapon called 'gatrais', you would change the info thus:


Then name the MP3 or .wav file to gatrais_01.wav, place it in a folder called 'gatrais', and pack this up in an pk3 file in a folder structure:


Add the csv file, in a folder 'soundaliases', and you should get sound when the weapon fires (assuming of course that you rememeber to change the info in the weapons def file to match the MP3 or .wav you just packed up)