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#1 13 years ago

Hi there, i got a pretty good pc that i have been using as my own server having around 9/13 players on b4 they start getting any dreaded LAG ive tried to MOD my game play with nades ect the help from many forums wasnt enough iam still the same as they give me links ect but it hasnt been explained enough and in the right detail about modding the server, last week i downloaded ALL the AWE files but was told it was easy after i got the files but i again was lost on also ive disabled all the players options apart from restart map & choose map so last night i got a player with a bot & i wanted to kik him but found that when i put in the console "banuser(space) tehn there name the console said "server not active or unknown command".....wth is all this as i was on my server & for it to say that puzzles me.....please show me mercy help me please regards keith [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] ps if anyone does help i will let u be admin as well as myself on the server....


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#2 13 years ago

this isnt really a modding issue but a server issue.


Im not really following what your problem(s) are, as its all jumbled together in one big lump. So, in an attempt to get to the bottom of it, here are a few questions:

Your trying to set up AWE on your local server?

You are experiencing lag?

You cant ban players due to an incrediblely weird error message - "server not active" (which is weird because you had a player on it)?