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#1 10 years ago

After playing Call of Duty 4 through recently, I decided to play Call of Duty 2 again, and I'm getting really unsatisfactory performance in Call of Duty 2 single player, and I'm wondering if anyone has any advice.

What I've discovered is that Call of Duty 4 looks and runs a lot better on my system than it's predecessor. I run CoD4 in DX9 mode at 1600x1200 with 4x anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, and most options on medium, it looks (very) nice and runs at 50 FPS, steady.

On the other hand, I run CoD2 in DX7 mode at 1280x960, 2x AA, no AF, and most options on medium, and the FPS hovers around 35-45, but drops down to 20 occasionally. (It drops down to 15 at the start of Pointe Du Hoc) Playable, for the most part, but definitely not ideal. If I put it on DX9 mode with the same settings the average FPS stays around 30 but frequently drops to 20 or lower, and on Pointe Du Hoc is drops to less than 10. Welcome to stutterville.

Is COD2 just really poorly optimized in comparison to COD4, or is there some underlying cause I've yet to figure out? Obviously, COD2 looks pretty antiquated running in DX7 mode, but I can't run it in DX9 mode without horrible performance during at least some of the game, and this is all on a system that can run even Source 2007 games with all settings maxed at playable framerates.

My system specs:

Processor: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ Memory: 1024MB DDR 400 Hard Drive: 2X Maxtor 80GB HD (160GB) Video Card: ATi Radeon x1950GT AGP 512MB DDR3 Monitor: BenQ 19" CRT Model P992 Sound Card: 5.1 C-Media PCI Soundcard

I've tried both the regular Catalyst drivers and third-party Omega drivers and saw no significant improvement. I did notice one interesting thing, though...

I use a program called ATI Tray Tools to apply graphics tweaks, fiddle with display settings and the like. It's basically a more advanced, third party equivalent of the Catalyst control center, and one of the tweaks I applied long ago was "Force mip-map filter". I found that without this tweak, the textures in most games fade out to a complete blur beyond 5 or 6 meters or so. With the tweak, they're as clear and detailed as they should be even at a distance. I found that turning this tweak off improves performance in COD2 quite noticably, although the FPS still dips severely in some circumstances. There seems to be a connection but I don't understand it.

Finally, when I played Call of Duty 2 a couple years ago (back when I still had my old video card, a Radeon 9600XT) I remember performance in DX7 mode was considerably smoother than it is now, especially on Pointe Du Hoc.