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#1 14 years ago

first of my motherbaord and everything to do with drivers are all upto date, graphics are also upto date and same for sound aswell. everytime i join any server running pb ill get on for no more than 20 seconds i then get a brrrr sound which clears then it comes straight back with a full system crash leaving me looking at the game i could should be playing. this dosnt happen on none pb servers and i get nothing to say what was the reason. but friends have seen ignoring md5 tool quiry think i spelt that write. and then sometimes server command overflow. ive got cod with uo exspansion which come with 1.5 patch as standard and ive put 1.51 patch on to but still dos the same thing. im pritty hot with pc's just no with pb and its over the top hazzards. ive tryed ( and i mean tryed ) everything to sort this out but nothing is working no matter what i do. it only started doing this about two months ago and hasnt been working properly since. ive even re-istalled xp three times with a full time waisting format. but to no avail. and i havnt waisted my time with evenbalance as they are a waist of time. motherboard is a ecs kn1 sli lite. chip set is n/force4 sound is realtech onboard 8 channel two nvidea 6600gt 128ddr g5 lazer mouse and g15 keyboard 200gig hitachi hd amd xp64 3500 2.2gig 939 moderm is a motorola surfboard 4200 and 10meg internet connection care of telwest broadband. cant think of anything else. feel free to ask. thanks for anyhelp forth coming..... wraith36 also my xfire. sorry for this being a bit long.


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#2 14 years ago

Hey Wraith you are not alone see this thread here I have been battling with this problem sinse the last PB update, and will continue trying to get this sorted. It is a PB issue and i urge you to send in a ticket to evenbalance, i know you will get the normal generic response about using the latest drivers etc, but the more tickets they recieve the more chance of it getting sorted. {FEAR}Toker