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#1 15 years ago

Here is a copy of the COD Radiant Error! ===================================================== OpenGL extension GL_ARB_texture_compression is reqired to run radiant ===================================================== Note: I tried all possiable to make it work. Note: I tried the Regedit trick no go!! Note: I tried un-installing re-installing hmm! Note: I tried every fourm page out there all the same lol. Note: I tried downloading 40 diff,,, copies waste of time lmao. Note: I tried digging around my pc like a mad man hmmm. Note: I tried asking my neighbour @ 3 am. lmao. Note: He told me to stfu lol Note: I asked a guy off the street he lol more then my neighbour! Note: Im running DirectX C like that helps lol. Note: My vid card is up to date so ? lol Note: MB Stats K7SA5 mb/ 768 megs ddr/ Radeon 128 ddr vid card hmmmm. Note: I bet you guys $10 you cant fix my prob,,, lmao. Note: Its not my pc its fine so dont go there lol. Note: I bet this is the worst post for COD Radaint Error ever , oh well!! Note: Oh yes it will be $10 Canadian if you can give me an idea that works good luck eh rotflmao!!


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#2 15 years ago

has it worked b4 on that pc? Did u followed the tutorials about how to set up ur pc for radient? 1: uninstal all your mods from the main directory 2: reinstal radient from zero, and follow the tutorials you can find on 3: if that doesnt work, uninstal cod, and reinstal it 4: ask on the modsonline forums for help 5: if that works you can send me the 10$ canadian. how much € is that? 0.50 € cent?? ;-)


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#3 15 years ago

A long time ago I used Radiant way before I upgraded my pc an it worked... I forget the version I used. an thank for getting back to my post I know it was out of control lol but I'll try ? u said. An hmm might be around $1.00 lmao our money might not be as much when it get to u lmao sorry lol Ok i;ll un-install the dam cod game try that but I'm telling you this will not work lol. Mr Sniper...