COD UO pbcl.dll offset : 00046022 -1 reply

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#1 12 years ago

Hi m8s, ;) i have a new pc and i can't play on with cod uo multiplayer.:bawl: The message error is pbcl.dll offset : 00046022.:mad: If you are a idea or have the same pb, help me please :bows: Cheers gamers, :cya: iceman :cool:


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3rd January 2004

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#2 12 years ago

Never heard of that before, I would try to do a support ticket with evenbalance, since they are punkbuster.


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20th November 2004

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#3 12 years ago

yeah, its a bad punkbuster .dll file. You could try performing a manual PB update by running PBSetup.exe. Get that here:


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14th June 2006

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#4 12 years ago

Also If you run PB setup you can use for other games supported by PB I do it at least once a week.



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23rd February 2004

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#5 12 years ago

I believe FileFront hosts the file you need (on As many people had this problem. Might try your luck there, I used the search function but couldn't find it, I am, however pretty sure it is hosted there.