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#1 13 years ago

Hi, this is my first day at this forum. Can you help me please! I installed CODUO a few months ago (and it was fine, no worries), but then I uninstalled it again because I was kinda bored. And then I re-watched the Band of Brother series, and wanted to play COD and CODUO American Campaigns. So I installed COD and CODUO (I finished COD, so I installed UO). But then when I finished installing and played the game, an error message came up saying '2 sound file(s) are missing or are in a bad format':deal: . I have NEVER came to this problem. I already re-installed it twice. Nothing good seems to happen. I think this is because the file is corrupted, since the discs are a bit scratched. But is there anything that I can do, or you can do to help me? So can you help me? Pretty-Please?:bows:


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#2 13 years ago

Try reinstalling your sound driver first. If this doesnt cure the problem you could try this:

If the discs are scratched, this might not work, but you could try copying the sound files straight off the disc.

You will need to copy pak01.pk3, pak02.pk3, and pak03.pk3 to your desktop.

Put the disc in your drive and go to 'my computer' and right click the UO icon in the driver, and left click 'explore'.

Open the folder called 'setup', and go to the folder called 'data'. In there are the files you need, so drag them to your desktop. This will copy them there.

Once you have the files on the desktop, open up the 'uo' folder in the COD directory, and then drag the new pk3 files into it. You will be told the files already exist, and ask you if you want to replace them. Click yes.

Hopefully that will solve the problem.