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16th June 2003

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#1 16 years ago

everytime i start CoD i can play it for 10 mins or so then it freezes. its not just the game that freezes, its my entire pc.


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23rd September 2004

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#2 16 years ago

does it just do it on COD or all games? Also i would do a spyware search on yeaa comp. Later ~Snoop912~


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#3 16 years ago

join the "freezers" club. People will have all kinds of suggestions. Be sure to define what you mean by "freezes" For me my whole computer "Freezes" meaning it hangs and I can't even ctrl+alt+del to get out. I have to hold the power button down to get my system back. Other people mean that their game is hiccuping. They get little 3-4 second freezes every few minutes (this latter seems to be punkbuster related). It doesn't seem to matter to the hard-lockups... Try the following: 1. If using an ATI Radeon card...roll back your drivers to 4.9 or if that freezes 4.5 first. (the 4.5 delays the freezing process for me to 40minutes instead of 10minutes. 4.9 did not fix my problem) 2. Activision's tech support site says to: Change your soundcard hardware acceleration to basic (under start|control panel|sounds and audio devices|volume tab|Speaker settings->advanced (not device volume->advanced)|performance tab|Hardware acceleration move to one above none (basic) (did not work for me) Activision also says to change your desktop resolution to 800x600x32bits. (did not work for me either) 3. Some say it's a punkbuster problem. Try running without punkbuster on a non-punkbuster server. (with or without punkbuster my computer froze, but most people mean 3-4 second freezes with punkbuster...not a full system lockup with sound looping that doesn't EVER resolve until you hardboot) 4. Some say it's a memory issue, if you have > 512MB you experience the freeze. (I'm not pulling my memory out to find out, nor am I running with just 512MB especially in the new era of doom 3 / half-life 2) 5. Some say stopping AGP fast-writes and lowering from 8x to 4x or 2x fixed their problem (It didn't fix mine, it just made the game run like crap before it froze =) 6. Some say it's a windows XP service pack 2 problem. I don't have the link for how they resolved the problem. You can All I know is that I went through a lengthy process of adding programs to a do-not-ban list and stopping/manually starting services and after all of that call of duty still froze causing me enormous grief) 7. Supposedly there was a similar freezing problem before the catalyst 3.10 drivers. Well it seems to be back again with the more recent catalyst drivers. You will find lots of "call of duty freezes" problems back in november of 2003 before the 3.10 drivers came out. Then you will see another group around july of 2004 when the freezing problem returned. It appears to be an ATI issue given the posting trend. 8. check out this thread at it has a lot on the issue regarding 4.10 and 4.9 though both of those freeze on me. goodluck I have yet to find a solution that works for me, but lots of others have found ones. I hope you can enjoy call of duty and don't end up stuck like I do.