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#1 16 years ago

Hi, Have had many problems with this game and Im tierd of re-installing it all the time, the latest error is

CM_generate terrain Collide - numindexes 1, =0, corrupt bsp

Can any one please help me solve this other than suggesting a reinstall and have to play all the levels again to get to where I was.

Thanks very much if you can cheers


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#2 16 years ago

Activision has this one their web site solutions for your problem: Copy the PAK files from disc 2 to your PC. 1) Place Call of Duty disc 2 in the CD-ROM drive. 2) Open My Computer. 3) Right-click on the Call of Duty CD and select Open. 4) Open the Setup folder on the CD. 5) Open My Computer again. 6) Open the Call of Duty folder on your hard drive, C:\Program Files\Call of Duty. 7) Copy the MAIN folder from the CD-ROM drive into the Call of Duty folder. 8) If prompted to overwrite files, do so. If you want to save where you are in the single player mode copy the Saved folder from the Call of Duty/Main folder to somewhere like my documents, this makes a backup of what you have saved throughout the single player mode, if you come to reinstalling the game, just copy the saved folder from my documents back to the main folder of call of duty and there you have it your level saves are back on the game so you can carry on where you left from.