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#1 16 years ago

I installed United Offensive without Punkbuster. Then I played single player and tried multi-player. But even with the all of the CoD updates, I still can't play multi-player. I've even tried Xfire, but it never gets beyond, "Timed out while logging into the server." :confused: So, I uninstalled United Offensive and Call of Duty, reinstalled both of them. But, this time I was not given the option to install Punkbuster. I wanted it this time as I thought it might help me connect to multi-player. Anyone know why I was not given the option? Anyone know how I can install it off of the CD? Also, I installed the latest patches again (v1.41, v1.5, & v1.51). Thanks for any help. Cya, Richard


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#2 16 years ago

The new patches for COD and UO - 1.5 and 1.51 respectively - are punk buster enabled. Which means you cannot install them without punk buster. As is UO itself. The pb feature was introduced in COD patch 1.3. Any subsequent updates have therefore featured pb. But why would you chose not to have it installed? You can still chose not to display pb enabled servers in the multiplay options. But again, why would you want to go to such servers? they are full of hacks and bots. If you enjoy playing with cheats, I suppose this is a route you would choose. As for the time out problem. Sounds like the first install lead to corrupted pak files. And the second reinstall seems to have sorted that out.