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16th January 2007

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#1 14 years ago

I just bought this game tonight and installed it just fine. Went to play and about 7 seconds into the game it crash's. I called support...but they were closed and followed the dumb answering machin guy. Still doesn't work. As far as the computer... I have an AMD 3200 1g ram 120g HD I know i have all the requirements...any help would be appreciated!! I would really like to play the game. Thanks, TraviĀ§


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12th September 2004

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#2 14 years ago

Jeuzzzz..the third post about this...( AV should pay me!! Ok mate...Im geussing its CoD United Well if its that game and not the first COD game...turn your audio accerator down to basic setting via start/control panel/ sounds and audio, then under speaker set up and properties. Ive gotta 2.8 running 1.2 megs of ddr400 ram and a Rad 9800pro vid card and my game did the same but froze every time I played it...pissed me right off!! Its not your system!! It may be your vid card driver...wot one do you use?? If you run a Radeon run the CAT 4.8 was made with COD in mind! ;)

But the new COD United Offence really uses up ur sound memory...just get the right Vid driver , turn ur sounds down to basic setting in your pc'c control panel do a defrag and disk clean...hope this works. :)