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#1 8 years ago

:uhm: Please someone help me.When I try to play on dogs Australia It try's to download a file at first Main/Arnhem_V1[1].0.pk3 and shows 0 MB of 2.54 MB then it jumps to a redirect HTTP://[1].0.pk3 its shows 394KB of 2.54MB then starts the same process again I have gone to this redirect site using my browser and have found a number of files to down load but not this one. Also I have been able to play in other rooms but all of a sudden I get an error cant find Kar98K_mp and I'm not able to join any servers. If any body has any Ideas it would be most helpful thanks. Gnor_bodi :uhoh:

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#2 8 years ago;26037

You may have to reinstall the game but for all other files codfiles is your best resource ;)