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5th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Ok i asked (cant remeber name) offical CoD Q&A and they wornt they just told me stuff that i already knew and said it was something that it wasnt, so i thought i would try here. I got CoD off a friend (not pirate) and it work alright, infact me and a friend played it all night and clocked it and it worked fine and it went to the top of my fav games list, then i continued to play it for a while more, then one day out of the blue i was playing SP and someone yelled something and it froze then a windows XP error came up and it exited. i thought "meh all games glitch" and restarted it and played Basic Training and when he yell "This isnt your aunt fannys dance" it froze again. i thought shit and started it again and played it on path finder and it froze when the guy yelled out "Move out Sucure a primenter" by now it was pissing me off and i played Basic T again and it worked fine then froze on the level after. so ive reinstalled it about 20 times by now, scanned my comp 4 virus's deleted the whole file and nothing work. has anyone else had this problem? thanks #5hifty