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#1 16 years ago

Problem is this, i have setup a linux 1.3 version CoD server. i cannot get it to show up in gamespy's master server list, i have tried the query link and it wont show up there either. i do not get any errors while starting up the server it says it authorizes fine and it connects to activision fine. Also what is weird is when in the game server menu i can connect to it manually by pulling down the console and typing /connect [ip address]. i can also add it as a favorite and it will show up. but i cannot get it to show up on the internet list. I have All Seeing Eye and it shows up in there without a problem, so i am completely confused. it has nothing to do with my router as i have tried to even set it up as a DMZ and it still does not work But i heard a rumor that gamespy's list doesnt show all server, it only shows ones that meet certain requirements, such as uptime, amount of usage, and things like that. does anyone know what the possible problem is or if this rumor about gamespy's server list is true. thx for the help.