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9th June 2005

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#1 14 years ago

:eek: how do i glitch and wot is a glitch:uhm:



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12th July 2004

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#2 14 years ago

i do not believe we are allowed to tell you that as it is considered illegal in Call of Duty in some servers and on these forums. But, a glitch is a jump of some kind to get to a place that can not be reached normally. I would tell you a website that has glitches but it is advertising and promoting illegal crap. :)


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#3 14 years ago

a "glitch" is an error in a game that allows you to do something that should not be allowed... for example... there are several jumps in cod that require fps to be exactly 125 to work, this, technically, is a glitch... another that comes to mind is the "line of sight" issue in cod, in particular, when you lean to the left around a box or wall... you can shoot without really being seen, although from the perspective of the shooter, more than half his body should be visible. these are just a few examples of a "glitch". "glitching", is deliberately using a game glitch to your advantage.


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20th November 2004

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#4 14 years ago

mr_coldsteel - the last example you cite is called clipping, not glitching. Glitches (such as climbs and jumps) aren't 'cheating' as such, but many feel it is an unfair advantage, as not everyone can do it.


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7th July 2005

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#5 14 years ago

Glitcthes are Illegal stuff/