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4th April 2004

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#1 15 years ago

I almost forgot about another fairly new nagging problem with CoD UO that I have been experiencing for the past couple months. It started somewhat suddenly and without any system updates (outside of MS critical patches). I am running the same h/w & driver version for past year and a half, one day I noticed when I walked away from the PC for a few min w/ the game left at the main menu, it hard locked my PC. Ever since then, I have always had that problem; if I leave it at the main menu or at the server select screen for about 3 or 4 min, the PC HARD-LOCKS. [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del] does not do a thing, soft boot button = nadda, leaving for an hour does zip... can only power off and power back on PC. I do not experience this with any other game except CoD, nor when I leave my PC on for days on end. Anyone else experienced this issue? Running: P4 3.4 HT, 2GB RAM, 2 x 200 GB drives in RAID 0, ATI X800 XT PE 256, DX9.0c, cable modem service. Any help on this and my "auto download" problem thread would be greatly appreciated. Thanx


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#2 15 years ago

The file pakuo3.pk3 (which contains the main.menu and the menudef.h files) has become corrupt for some reason. Replace it like i described in your previous post.