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#1 11 years ago

Greetings everyone,I have a friend who is encountering an issue. When he opens Single or Multiplayer Call of Duty, or Call of Duty: United Offensive he is met with a background only. Specifically the Menu Options that are typically overlayed on that background (Join Game, New Game, Load Game, Options, Quit) are invisible.When he came to me with this problem, I tried several things to rectify this. First I verified that he is running DirectX 9.0c, and is also running the latest nVidia 7 Series graphics driver for his GeForce 7800 GTX. Next I recommended a reinstall of the entire game. I instructed him running the uninstaller for UO, then for COD, then deleting the game directory itself. Once cleaned out, he then reinstalled COD 1, UO, and the COD 1.5 Patch, and the UO 1.51 patch. I've also tried to solve this with extensive googling, and searching on this site. Unfortunately, I've arrived with less then a fix.I found this thread (MENU WONT SHOW :( - Call Of Duty Boards - Forum Community for COD and COD2) @ Codboards. This thread is the exact same issue my friend is being impacted by. The user also posted a screen shot so you can see what is happening. In reading the responses it seemed to me to be a common issue, and the users/moderators replying directed the user to the Archived FAQ information.Long story short, the link to the FAQ is broken, and doesn't show what to do. :( I've been unable to figure out this seemingly easy fix. So, I first want to apologize if I've spilled the noob sauce in posting this. I must now however ask: Does anyone know how we can rectify this invisible menu option issue?


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#2 11 years ago

The only thing it can be is a corrupt/damaged cd and its not installing the language paks correctly. In Cod and coduo the menus run in the "ui" folders and call/name strings in the "localizedstrings" which both are found in the language paks (E.g localized_english_pak0 as an example of english cod1 =p ) This is 1 string being called by the in the "ui" folder as an example.. itemDef { name backtogame text [COLOR=red]"@MENU_BACKTOGAME"[/COLOR] type ITEM_TYPE_BUTTON style WINDOW_STYLE_EMPTY textstyle TEXT_ON_BG_STYLE rect 385 145 140 15 textalign 0 textscale .4 textalignx 0 textaligny 14 forecolor .9 .9 .9 .9 visible 1 textfont UI_FONT_NORMAL mouseEnter { play "mouse_over"; } cvarTest "cl_paused" showCVar { "1" } action { play "mouse_click"; close main; } } And this is what the strings refer to in the menu.str in the language paks..... REFERENCE YES LANG_ENGLISH "Yes" REFERENCE MULTIPLAYER LANG_ENGLISH "Multiplayer" REFERENCE QUIT LANG_ENGLISH "Quit" REFERENCE OPTIONS LANG_ENGLISH "Options" REFERENCE SAVELOADGAME LANG_ENGLISH "Save/Load Game" and so on... Going by what you have said and whats on the other forum the "ui" part of the menu is fine but the strings are either missing or corrupt..... So your error is coming from your Localized_english_paks. Try replacing these files direct from the cd straight into your /main folder for cod1 and /uo folder for coduo. To be more exact its your localized_english_pak1.pk3 in the /main folder of cod1 thats giving you the problem. And to be even more of a smart ass its localized_english_pak1.pk3/localisedstrings/english/menu.str which is 25kb in size before .pk3 zip Dont forget that coduo is nothing more than a big mod for cod1 and coduo uses many of the cod1 files to run... as it happens the menu.str are used for both, fixing 1 will fix the other.

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#3 11 years ago

This Has Happened To My Friend. I Gave Him These Steps & It Worked.

Uninstall CoD > Delete the Folder for CoD > Go To Start > Run > Type in Regedit > Find Activision > Delete The Traces Of CoD You Can Find > Re-Install CoD.

Hope It Helps!