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#1 15 years ago

I was playing COD a few nights ago and when I entered a friends game everyone on my side started to shot me. I was really mad about that, but then my friend called me a cheater and kicked me out. I didn't know why, cause I didn't do anything wrong and never have. When I talked to him later he said that I was in the other uniform and that they couldn't shot me. I know that I was in the right uniform, but all of my friends said that I had to have put in a cheat to be on their side, but in a different uniform. I just need to know what that was about, cause now everyone is saying that I am a cheater and no one will let me play in their games. Let me know something. Thanks.:confused:


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#2 15 years ago

Sounds like someons model skin isnt loading properly, maybe due to corrupt pk3 files. This happens also in German Front Mod - the mod only supports certain models and skins: Models game["allies"] = "american"; game["axis"] = "german"; Skins game["american_soldiertype"] = "airborne"; game["american_soldiervariation"] = "normal"; game["german_soldiertype"] = "fallschirmjagercamo"; game["german_soldiervariation"] = "normal"; When you play on certain maps which have different skins, when you join either team, coz the skin is wrong you appear as another model - and noone can shoot you. This also happens when the critical game shell pk3 files (pak0.pk3 and localized_english_pak1.pk3) become corrupt. I did a lengthy explanation just incase your 'friend' thinks the argument is bogus - tell him it is a known issue with the game, and isn't due to cheating. Reinstall your COD (and UO if that was the game). That will fix the game.