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#1 16 years ago

ok so ive updated my PB (i think) cuz i dont get anymore error messages saying stuff like time out 2 min. trying to update PB client BUT im still having problems with getting onto a server quickly. I just sit and wait and nothing happens. I didn't have this problem back in december. I checked my firewall and CoD is under the list of exceptions so thats not the problem. I've tried the all seeing eye and gamespy but theyre not helping. Would reinstalling the game help? I'm dying from not being able to play! Any other last suggestions? In advance, Thanks for the help. bawl.gif shakehead3.gif :notworking:


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#2 16 years ago

Sorry about the delay of replying (had pc problems lol). You could try reinstalling the game, but not sure if it will work for ya, but you could try it.