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#1 13 years ago

Hi all. Ive been playing call of duty for must be best part of two years now Ive decided I want to host my own server. My problem is this. I can only run a server from my lan network. I have forwarded I am sure the right ports from my router to my computer. I am using a second computer on the lan to connect to it which works with no problems. But the server only shows in the local option but it isnt showing in the list of public servers. I realise this must be a problem with the port forwarding. I have forwarded ports 28950-28970, 20500 and 20510. I have no firewall installed on the computer hosting the server. I am using a software called HLSW which monitors servers if I put the IP address in. This works only if I put the Lan IP in but not the internet IP. I thought it would be a lot easier as I am used to portforwarding but I dont know what I am doing wrong. Please can someone help??? Thanks in advance.


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#2 13 years ago

you cannot host a LAN server on the internet - the 2 things are mutually exclusive. One is for anyone on the internet, the other is for players on the Local network.

If you want to host a server so that anyone can join, you need to run a dedicated (internet) server.