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#1 16 years ago

Hi. I got Call of Duty: United Offensive and whenever I try to get on a server it says: "Cannot write hunkusage.dat" . Also I have patch 1.51 for the game. Any idea why it doesn't work? Thanks, Elm


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#2 16 years ago

There is a file in your UO directory that is called Hunkusage.dat. It sounds like, for some reason, it has become corrupt. You will need to reinstall. Here is how: 1) Run Add/Remove programs, and uninstall CODUO 2) When finished, double-click the My Computer icon. Then double-click the C:\ drive. 3) Double-click Program Files. 4) Double click on the Call of Duty folder and then select the UO folder inside. Then Delete it. Remove the CODuo.INI file from your hard drive. 5) Click the Start button > Find (or Search) > Files & Folders. 6) Search your C:\ drive for a file named CODuo.INI. 7) The file should be located in C:\WINDOWS. 8) Delete this file. 9) Reboot your machine. At this point the game is completely removed from your system. 10) Now reinstall the game. But before you do make sure both your laser head on your ROM drive, and the CDs are clean. 11) Before you apply any patches, check the pk3 file sizes: This is what they should be: UO 1.41 pk3 file Sizes: localised English pakuo00.pk3 123,141,455 bytes pakuo00.pk3 161,403,007 bytes pakuo01.pk3 162.311.029 bytes pakuo05.pk3 725,304 bytes pakuo06.pk3 238,582 bytes If they are ok, try the game. If it works, apply patch 1.51. Again check the pk3 file sizes. This is what they should be: localised English pakuo01.pk3 72,866 bytes localised English pakuo02.pk3 3,772,796 bytes pakuo02.pk3 166,227,647 bytes pakuo03.pk3 146,286,848 bytes pakuo04.pk3 163,831,126 bytes pakuo07.pk3 3,129,841 bytes Try the game again. Good luck


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#3 16 years ago

Thanks for to all worked great! Now everything's fine and I can play!:)

Thanks again,:bows: Elm