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#1 13 years ago

I just bought the Deluxe Box set "Call of Duty and United Offensive", I played Call of Duty without any problems, When I started playing "United Offensive" at the beginning of the game, and reached the part where the sarg. orders you to go to the second fox hole and take over the 30 cal., I hit the "F" key to grab the 30. cal, then hit the right mouse button to set up the 30., the game sets up the machine gun at the bottom of the fox hole instead of the ground level above at the edge of the fox hole, I tried setting up the 30 cal on the ground outside of the fox hole but was killed without the added protection of the hole, I tried checking the mouse setiings in the control options and they look to be right, the mouse control works fine in other parts of the game, Has anyone had this problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Bryantft4:uhoh:

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#2 13 years ago

Did an icon saying "Press Right Mouse to set up weapon" pop up before you set it up?