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#1 13 years ago

Hey, I'm new to this forum. I have searched to some threads but I think this is a problem only with my computer. Anyway, if I play call of duty online, and ONLY when I use my internet with this game ONLINE, I got a nice ping, but (lets say...) once in a minute I get Connection Interupted for a few moments. And it sucks, cuz when i'm playing and I'm in a fight, I see that i've been shot when the 'short lag' is over. Sometimes, the lag keeps holding. I can fix this sometimes to put my internet cable out and back in. So the weird thing is that I never got bad connection with other games online or just internet. Only with call of duty. Overview: *playing* ....... *5 seconds lag, can't move* ....... *playing again*...... or *playing* ....... *5 seconds lag.... no longer.. AARGH ITS SO IRRITATING!* So I think this has something to do with the use of my Call of Duty game with my internet connection. Or maybe my PC cuz I've downloaded something wrong??? I dunno Anyway, I got cable, broadband shit... nice gaming PC 512 mbram, pentium 4, 3,0 gHz (whatever its a good pc) PLEASE HELP!! :confused:


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#2 13 years ago

Yeah m8, welcome to the forum.

Firslty, I have many friends from the Netherlands who also only experience probs with online COD. The good news is that its not a problem with your pc, or COD. Or your connection. Its simply the servers you are using.

Not all servers suit this type of game. If you go to 100 megabit servers, you'll find that this lag problem wont affect your ping or cause lag.

I also have a P4 3.0 gig chip, and also a 3 meg pipe. And I dont have a problem with Quake or anyother game. But with COD and UO I sometimes have lag. That's when the server I'm using isn't up to it. So I change my server to one I know has a 100 gigabit server, and Viola! No more lag.

So it's the shite server's trying to host 20 players with shite connection pipes. Not your PC.



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#3 13 years ago

Thanks, what a relief! =)