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14th May 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition Processor: Mobile AMD Athlon(tm) 4, 1.0GHZ Memory: 256MB DirectX Version: 9.0 Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 I'm having trouble playing Call of Duty: United Offensive. Everytime I join a server it starts to lag REALLY bad after about 5-10 minutes. I have the latest patch for it, and the regular Call of Duty works just fine. The main map it lags on is that Casino one. The other maps lag as well, but unlike the Casino map, they only lag about 60% of the time. Casino lags 100% of the time. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks. And I'm not good at computers, so thoes specs I gave you were from the run command "dxdiag." So if you reply with something wrong with my specs, please say it in detail so I can fix it, thanks.


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20th November 2004

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#2 14 years ago

Im afraid you only have the minimum amount of RAM, so this is why its laggy. You could check your hunkmeg usage (the amount of RAM the game uses), but I suspect its going to be half your installed RAM anyway. So go to the folder named 'uo' in the COD folder. Open the file uoconfig_mp and press CTRL + F to bring up the find tool. Then type in 'hunk' and press enter. You will come to a setting: seta coms_hunkmeg "???" with a value between the speech marks. Does this say "128"? If so, then you cannot adjust it anymore. But if says another value, delete it and enter 128. Close and save the changes. This will only help marginally. You really need to invest on some more RAM 512 is really entery point. Better still is 1 meg. Not so expensive these days.