Main menu shows blurry words even during game -1 reply

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18th August 2006

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#1 14 years ago

Some how i magnaged to install call of duty right but when i get to the main menu, u cna't see the words. You can sometimes tell what one says but others are imposible to read. They are like deformed words or something like that, they just are giving me a hard time. I also see that my video sucks because the characters look cheap. I forgot what i did long time ago when i played battlefield 1942, but i did something that made it look more relistic. After i uninstalled it and installed it again, it was never the same. What should i download so i can see the words or the characters better. Weird too how DirectXb installed less then 2 seconds and when i went to get the directx c version, it installed in 2 seconds as well. I remember the first time i installed it taking hours and hours. I have dial up so i dont' get it, someone help me out here :D