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26th January 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Hello all!!! I had a prob before u guys fixed it and i hope u can again! Now I know many servers with a certain map. Well me and my bro lan(as i said in the last prob) and we have been looking for maps and succedding. One prob now not many maps are for ctf(capture the flag) and we want it to be ctf. Now a server has a map called subharbor day and night. So to play in the server i got it to so does my bro. The server plays that map alot and the server is ctf. No how me and my bro lan? well we cant use subharbor day in night as ctf, it's not in the list for ctf. And the server has many other maps that are custom and we have em 2, we cant do ctf on the maps. My Question Is----How Do I Make The Maps That Work In Other Servers That Are CTF Work In Our LAN For CTF?:bows: IF U CAN HELP