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9th December 2003

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#1 13 years ago

I had a post here = h t t p:// about maps being forced to download on players connecting to our server even when not playing that current map. After testing different things I finally figured it out. All the files and maps with a prefix zz or zzz are forced to download all before playing. So if you are entering a server playing a stock map and there are 5 maps and files that start with zz or zzz they are all downloaded first before playing unless you already have them. I hope this helps. =fk=Photog


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20th November 2004

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#2 13 years ago

the reason for naming pk3 files zzz_ is so that the mod or custom map will be read after the stock game pk3 files (which are read a-y).

Some info:

All pk3 files placed in the 'main' folder will be downloaded all at once. So you wont even get into the game untill your (the client's) 'main' folder matches the server's.

If you use an fs_game directory, and place maps or mods in there, all files will be downloaded until the client's fs_game folder matches the servers (i.e. same situation as above).

If you use an fs_game directory, but place your maps and mods in the 'uo' folder, then they will be downloaded 1 at a time - or if the server needs you to read the file before you join the server. This happens when the map has certain files in them: fx, gfx, localizedstrings, textures, etc etc.

If you have a mod with files which dont need to be read first, then they wont be downloaded until the next map rotation, which is when the server take the opportunity of downloading them.