New Dell crashing after X amount of Time playing COD -1 reply

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#1 13 years ago

It's odd, the computer freezes up after an amount of Time playing cod. Originally I was able to play an hour or so and shut down cod fine, then it started crashing, now it's getting worse. I suppose you might want my video card, er, I think it's the Radeon X300 series(not sure if that's the model or not, not really computer literate). Anyhow, if anyone has any ideas. I'm going to try to find some new drivers for the card, maybe that will solve it. Might do a virus scan too, but I doubt that's the cause. There's only one thing, would an improper removal of COD and then a re-installation of it mess it up? blah, I'd like to figure this, thinking of random things now.


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#2 13 years ago

Could be your video card, make sure what type you have though, if its ati get the latest drivers at or if its a Geforce card get it at . It could also be a corrupt file causing this, if you do a uninstall and reinstall, make sure the CoD folder is deleted from your Programs folder.


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#3 13 years ago

Ah, thanks for the link. The last driver I installed turned out to be fake, and I decieded to do something else. Wasn't downloading from the main site. Now there's somewhat of a new problem, I posted this on another COD forum. "After about 1 minute of being in a server now, I am kicked and this message appears.

Server Disconnected - has been kicked via PunkBuster (for 0 minutes)... No Packet Flow

I assume that means that some form of data is not going through properly and PunkBuster is kicking me for security reasons?(thinking I might be cheating maybe) anyhow, I can only assume this is the fault of Norton. If anyone has any idea's I'll try them. I have reinstalled twice, but it's odd, the settings stay after each installation,(my name, ect). I tried the COD uninstall procedure and the Windows Add/remove procedure. Same deal with my settings staying. Anyhow, I bet the two are related, probably something went wrong in the inital installation, and it's been sticking around even after the two re-installments.

Anyhow... and idea's on any of that? "