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5th February 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Hey dudes, I need to learn how to switch from PAM to AWE and AWE to PAM on a server, the dude on my clan was going to teach me but we're on very diff time zones. Can anyone help me out here and also a link to the latest stable version of AWE/PAM because our AWE is getting stuck on Dawnville UO. Much thanx.


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20th November 2004

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#2 13 years ago

Ok, you need to learn the name of the .cfg file for both PAM and AWE. Once you know them, all you do is type: /rcon exec nameoffile.cfg This will execute (in theory) the respective mod. However, I have found that trying to exec AWE .cfg file does jack shit. So I copied my AWE settings into my main server config file - which is called dedicated.cfg. Then, whne I have had reason to reboot the server (stop/start it), all I have had to do is exec the dedicated.cfg file. If I were you I would make 2 copies of your main server config file calling them something like dedicated1 and dedicated2. Put all the PAM settings into one and all the AWE setings into the other. Then, when your ready to switch to either one, you simple type (for exampel): /rcon exec dedicated1 - which will rotate the server to the default maprotation map (our's is brecourt), and the mod will have been executed at the same time. As for the stablist version of AWE, there isn't one which doesn't cause no problems whatsoever. But for AWE version 2.11, I suggest going here: