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3rd December 2004

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#1 14 years ago

well, this SHOULD work for you even if you have fast write disabled and you FPS is crap. ok... now you are creating a game profile for windows! WOW STEP ONE- -click start -right click "my computer" -click on the "hardware" tab -hardwar profiles -now, highlight your profile that says "profile1 (current)" or something(should say profile1 anyway...) highlight it, and press the "copy" button, and rename it to "gaming" STEP TWO- now, whenever you restart your PC, you will see two hardware profiles (after the bit that says: boot from CD... boot from CD...) and they will say: profile1 & gaming NEVER DELETE YOU ORIGINAL PROFILE!!!!!smilie.gif STEP THREE- -once youve created a new gaming profile, you will now need to disable those un-nessesary backround prosesses. -click start/run, and in run, type in "services.msc" and click OK -now you will see a list of windows services. -right click on a service you dont need, and select properties. check out "services to disable" to find out what you can disable to increase your gaming performance. Make sure that you disable any anti-virus software in your gaming profile -click on the "log on" tab and select the "gaming" profile, and click disable (to disable the prosess that you want disabled...) -repeat for every service you want to disable when you have finished, close the services window and restart windows. when you see the screen with the two profiles, choose "gaming" and then test out your games, and see if it has boosted your perormance! this would probably be good to be stickied so everyone with performance probs can see!eekx.gif