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#1 16 years ago

id like to ask for some help regarding call of duty : united offensive i just installed the game over n over again but it gives me the same error,here is the situation,everytime i load up call of duty:united offensive on single player, after loading i get this error -- > "image [email="'skins/wood@foldingtable'"]'skins/wood@foldingtable'[/email] changed between initial scan and actual load" pls help me, ive installed n uninstalled the game over n over again, i get the same error, during setup no error prompt,it was fully installed n yet i get that error, good thing f a patch was available, but im on 1.4 i mean the latest released version i dont think a patch is available yet.thank u and hope i can hear from some1 soon.

A Screenshot is attach for ur viewing of my problem, thanks again guys, hope to hear from some1 soon email me @ [email="geforce4mx4000@yahoo.com"]geforce4mx4000@yahoo.com[/email] or ans this post thanks. Chrysler