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#1 16 years ago

As the title says iam having a refresh rate problem with cod and moh (only games its doing this with) . My normal refresh rate is 85 hertz for desktop and other games but when I start up cod or moh the monitor makes the click noise and displays the game in less than 85 hertz you can tell this cause you see really thin lines and it hurts your eyes. Ive tried reinstalling the games and patchs and ive tried installing previous drivers but nothing has worked. This problem has only started recently I first seen it when I played a custom sp map in cod then moh when I just reinstalled it. Although my monitor is old I dont think thats the problem since everything else is fine. Any help would be greatly apreciated :nodding: . My gfx card is a ati radeon 8500 128 mb (no s******ing at the back).