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#1 13 years ago

I just downloaded one of the map packs for codua and I followed the instructions in the text file that came with the zip file.It Said to place the files in the "main" directory of the "Call of Duty" directory. My problem is how do I start the new maps up. :confused:


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#2 13 years ago

If you have a .cfg file for your server you simply add the maps name to your list of map rotations. If you dont have one make sure you wither set a rocn password for your server or have allow vote map on. if you llow vote map on the your new maps should appear in the selectble maps to vote for. If you dont want allow voteing then use rcon and type 'rcon map *mapsfilename*' for regular maps its usually mp_ then their name eg 'rcon map mp_brecourt' however with some custom maps its not like this so look up the files name in your main folder.


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#3 13 years ago

Yeah, as Irish says.

A useful tool to get the names is either winrar or Pakscape. These programs allow you to open the pk3 file up. If you then go to the maps > mp folders, you will see the .bsp file name. This is the file name that the server will look for. If you dont get it right, then the error will refer to that: "cannot find map/mp filename.bsp" So make sure you get the name right. What the pk3 file is called isn't always what the bsp file is called.

As for the mappack itself, if it's UO, then it should go in the 'uo' folder - not the 'main' folder.