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20th July 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Ok, so i am playing CoD with my buddys and something very odd happens thats never happened before. Instead of actuall images for stuff like the bomb time (for a mod) and the kill image on the bottom left (like when it shows if it is a headshot) are all black. Also, when i get shot with any gun my screen blacks out for a short second or two. I have a Nvidia 6800 256 MB and have the new drivers for nvidia. Here are a few screen shots showing what it looks like. Please someone help, i dont wanna have to uninstall CoD... shot00288bf.jpg then 2 links to the other 2 examples PLEASE HELP!!!


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#2 14 years ago

I think you're prolly going to have to uninstall COD after all. Its defo a graphics driver problem. Is it a purchased copy of COD? Coz we don't support pirates here. If it is legit, you could try doing a clean install of the graphics driver first. 1. Uninstall the driver and shutdown windows. 2. Remove the card. 3. Reboot and let Windows load the onboard graphics. 4. Do a reg clean - either manually if your savvie with it, or with a reg cleaner (I use Advanced Uninstaller Pro). 5. Shutdown and replace the card. 6. Reboot and install Nvidia driver again. Setting up COD 7. Go to the COD 'Main' folder and find the file config_mp.cfg and delete it. 8. Start up mp COD, and the game will create a new config_mp file with the new graphics driver info. See if that fixes it.