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20th February 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Ok I am confused to say the least!!!!!

The problem I have is that whatever map rotation I set up it always puts stalingrad on first, even if its not defined to be on first and EVEN if its not even in the map rotation list itself.

The map rotation works fine other than this problem i.e all the maps will rotate as they should etc.

At the moment I have an SDMAPS exec file with this config:

// Search & Destroy Rotation

sv_mapRotationCurrent "" // Clears any previous map rotation

// Map Rotation set sv_mapRotation "gametype sd map mp_stalingrad gametype sd map mp_carentan gametype sd map mp_dawnville gametype sd map mp_neuville gametype sd map mp_depot gametype sd map mp_harbor gametype sd map mp_railyard gametype sd map mp_brecourt gametype sd map mp_hurtgen gametype sd map mp_pavlov gametype sd map mp_bocage gametype sd map mp_rocket"

map_rotate // Kicks off the map rotation

I know stalingrad is first at the mo but thats only to get round the problem!!! If i move it then it will still appear first when I satrt my server and it will even still appear if its not in the map rotation.

I have this line in my server config to point to the sdmaps exec: exec "sdmaps.cfg"

Anyones input would be much appreciated!!!

The other thing is I am running PAM 105a but I still had this problem even when running the VSUK Mod


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#2 15 years ago

Ok! I have a solution for you. Listen...

Create a new shortcut of the game on the desktop. Right click on the shortcut, then properties. In the target file add this: +set sv_map rotation gametype map mp_... what you need. If you still have problems, go to You'll find some config file generator and you'll solve your problem!! And if don't works again, go to !!!! This should be enoguh to solve the problem! If you need me, contact me at: [email=""][/email] !!! Good luck!!:beer: :beer: :D :rolleyes: :) :cya: Bye!